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Hardscaping incorporates several landscape design elements to enhance the appearance of your property. It can provides a fluid continuity from your home's interior to the yard and from your yard to the surrounding landscape. The solidity and permanence of hards-cape also offers an aesthetic contrast to your unique arrangement of trees, shrubs and flowers. Extra living space and walkways make a backyard safer, more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Hardscapes also serve more practical purposes as well: many homes and landscaping designs require grading preparation and retaining walls in order to manage erosion and to ensure the site integrity that is required to support a given landscape plan for the long term. While retaining wall are often a necessity, Lighting Landscape will expertly incorporate a stunning retaining wall design into your master landscape design.

The Lighting Landscape patio design team can create beautiful walkways, patios and retaining walls using stone, brick, keystone or treated lumber. When retaining walls and other site preparation is required, hardscaping represents the foundation and anchor of landscaping design plans.


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